Get Involved

Want to get involved?

No matter if you don’t have much experience with “editing” per se, we would love for more staff (the more eyes and opinions on the submissions the better)! In order to get involved, send us an email at so we can add you to the email list. After that, we will send you the poetry or fiction packets, and it’s up to you to read them, mark them “yes” or “no” (we don’t look very highly on those pesky “maybes”), and then come to meetings! Meetings are once a week, Poetry on Mondays and Fiction on Tuesdays, both at 9pm on the 35th floor of the Cathedral of Learning!

How is staff selected and how do you “succeed” in TRR?

Staff is selected by a “whoever-shows-up-consistently-and-shows-their-commitment” basis. However, if you are one of those ambitious folk, and see yourself one day becoming one of the poetry/fiction editors or even Editors in Chief, make sure you show your enthusiasm for the magazine and its submissions throughout the year. After that, let the current editors know of your dedication and aspirations, and they will make the decisions on who should be the next editors!