Past Issues

Are you in search of fantastic (and fantastically creative) poetry or prose written by some brilliant undergrads from the University of Pittsburgh and surrounding campuses?

Are you looking for potential “next big writers”?

Are you just dying for a good chuckle, cry, or rumination for words?

Of course you are—and you’re in luck. Below is our archive of past Three Rivers publications. Read the work of previous winners and published authors in our past issues. Enjoy!

You can also find hard copies of our latest issue on the 35th floor of the Cathedral of Learning.

Title Cover Image
Apr 2017 Volume XX cover image
Apr 2012 Volume XVII cover image
Apr 2011 Volume XVI cover image
Apr 2010 Volume XV cover image
Apr 2009 Volume XIV cover image
Nov 2008 Volume XIII cover image
Oct 2007 Volume XII, Issue 1 cover image
Apr 2007 Volume XI, Issue 2 cover image
Apr 2000 Volume IV, Issue 2 cover image
Dec 1999 Volume IV, Issue 1 cover image
Apr 1996 Thirst Volume II, Issue 2 cover image
Dec 1995 Thirst Vol II, Issue I cover image