Current staff members:

  • Editors in Chief: Stephen Lin and Olivia Lapinski
  • Poetry Editor: Mia DiFelice
  • Fiction Editor: Kelly Dasta
  • Head of Publicity: Jill Murphy

What are the jobs of the officers?

Editors in Chief

The responsibilities of the Editor in Chief is to oversee the actual production of the magazine by promoting the submission process, delegating tasks to poetry and fiction editors as well as all officers, sending out poetry and fiction packets, helping with the compilation of the final magazine, and handling relations and communication with our club advisor.

Poetry and Fiction Editors

These editors work closely with the Editors in Chief, acting as their sort of “right-hand (wo)men,” helping with anything that they ask of them. Furthermore, they are the ones who facilitate discussion and voting during the meeting.

Head of Publicity

This person does a lot of cross work with the other officers, especially regarding advertising for our magazine as well as public relations. He or she must have ideas on how to promote the magazine and must be passionate about doing so.

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